Sports cars – a passion

A whole day dedicated to the most famous sports cars in Italy. We start with a visit to the Ferrari Gallery on their own exhibition premises where 20-25 cars are shown all year round; they are regularly changed depending on various exhibitions: the 50th anniversary of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari’s 100th birthday or a special theme like the small 8-cylinder Ferraris. Further to the cars there are also various components, engines etc.


But not only Ferraris are produced in this area, where people have a real passion for fast cars, and we continue to visit Ferrari’s big competitor: Lamborghini. Here we will also visit the factory where we can admire the assembly line for the Gallardo LP 560-4.



We will also visit the producer of Zonda, one of the most exclusive sports cars in the world, where only about 15-20 cars are produced every year and here we will really see how they build a sports car from scratch.

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